The Cuneo Alps boast a well-developed network of hiking and biking trails, such as the Via del Sale, which connects Limone Piemonte to the Ligurian Sea along high-altitude dirt roads. Take to the saddle with Elisa Balsamo and Diego Colombari, world ambassadors of cycle tourism in the province of Cuneo.

Marta Bassino, Italian skiing champion, represents the beauty of the Cuneo area: passion and determination, courage and extraordinary ability. Michele Biglione, a Paralympic athlete, conveys all his strength and will to live with his arms. These four are the perfect testimonials for the Cuneo Alps, a location to be experienced in all four seasons.

In winter, the Cuneo mountains offer modern ski resorts with a long tradition, and slopes that cater for all levels of winter sports enthusiasts: from the most demanding sportsmen and women, to families seeking fun and relaxation, those approaching skiing for the first time and those in search of exciting holidays in the snow.

In summer, the alpine amphitheatre becomes an open-air gym for outdoor activities in direct contact with unspoilt nature: hiking, climbing, biking, rafting and paragliding. Live your passion to the full in the Cuneo region!



One foot after the other in paradise

In the Cuneo region, hikers feel as if they are in paradise. There is a lot on offer in the area: climbs fortrained walkers in the direction of lakes or alpine huts, ring tours of just a few kilometres to enjoy the panorama and the environment, walks in the forest for young and old. The important thing is to put one foot in front of the other. 

From a simple family excursion to a more challenging trek, walking is also the best way to encounter the cultural soul and traditions of the Cuneo valleys.

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Cycling in the DNA of Piedmont

On the summits of the great exploits of champions, along routes for sports cyclistsand MTB enthusiasts, or during a weekend of e-bike touring, cycling has always been deeply rooted in the DNA of Piedmont, and Cuneo is no exception.

There are many routes on offer, of various difficulties, to please all levels of cycling fans. Some of the itineraries present difficulties suitable for trained cyclists, such as the ascent to Colle Fauniera or the Tour dei Forti Sabaudi, while others are specially designed for families and have features that make them accessible to all.

Whether gently discovering the territory on two wheels with your family or challenging yourself on steep gradients along a stage of the Giro d'Italia, the recipe to follow is always the same: push down on your pedals and enjoy the nature and breathtaking views you encounter.

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Sports for all seasons

Skiing in the winter season, cycling and trekking are the main attractions if you want to do sport in the Cuneo region, but not the only ones. In the cold season, the proposals available in the Alps multiply, from classic ice skating to snowmobile adventures. For those with more of a penchant for sport, there is space for ski mountaineering, freeriding, biathlon, fat biking, ice climbing and snowkiting. Or try an excursion with sled dogs or on horseback through the snow for an unforgettable experience.

In the rest of the year, follow the winding curves of the Via del Sale or the Roa Marenca on two or four wheels, take up horse riding, or relax on the green of a golf course. Try more adrenaline-pumping activities such as climbing or rafting. Modern, well-equipped facilities allow you to play tennis and padel even during your holiday.

To experience an open-air holiday from a different perspective, you can enjoy the wonder of floating gently in mid-air from Mondovì, the capital of hot-air ballooning. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a thrill, launch yourself on a hang-glider or paraglider and experience moments of high thrills.

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So many ways to experience snow

The Cuneo Alps have many ski facilities and cross-country skiing centres spread throughout the territory. Each resort has unique characteristics, so if you too are a winter sports enthusiast, you can tailor-make your own snow experience. 

The Riserva Bianca and Mondolè Ski resorts, in addition to hundreds of kilometres of slopes and all the services required to meet the skiers' needs, offer activities ranging from ice climbing to snowshoeing, from skating rinks to bobsleigh tracks. Ready for your skiing holiday in the Cuneo Alps?

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