network is part of a vast web network. Each website on the page focuses attention on detailed territorial aspects, presents new promotional initiatives, and offers different cultural interpretations, insights, services and outdoor opportunities. Continue your trip in Piedmont with a click!


The portal is dedicated to tourism in Piedmont. Find the right experience for you among peaks and plains, hills and lakes, in the 96 protected natural areas and five UNESCO World Heritage sites. Enjoy slow hiking trails along the paths of spirituality or recharge your batteries in the 20 thousand km of footpaths and cycle tracks. Breathe in the outdoors with snow sports on over 1,350 km of slopes and 50 ski resorts. Sit down at the table of a land that is singular for its uniqueness but plural for its variety and flavours.


Octavia consists of 17 municipalities of the Cuneo plain, a homogeneous area that shares a common historical-cultural heritage and socio-economic and productive profile. The Association was created based on the common desire to set up a stable form of collaboration between small local businesses, focusing on the enhancement of productive, cultural and traditional resources and on exploiting their potential tourism development.


Le Terre dei Savoia is a recognized association of Piedmontese municipalities based at the castle of Racconigi. Its aim is to foster the development of the territory on three main fronts: European planning, the promotion of local identities and scientific and socio-economic evolution. The website allows you to explore the historic locations of the House of Savoy.


ARTEA is a Foundation of and for the territory that intends to promote cultural planning with a close eye on economic and social sustainability, capable of modernising the vocations of the territories to meet with the languages and demands of contemporary life and involving associations, cultural enterprises and citizens to boost inclusion and development.


A small but important component of the territory’s tourism promotion, it creates a system of the area’s churches and monuments by including them in a web portal containing video guides in three languages (Italian, English, French), accessible by scanning a QR CODE. Using a simple application that can be downloaded free onto smartphones and tablets, visitors can access the portal and use the autonomous guide directly on site.


Abbonamento Musei is a museum pass that offers you free, unlimited admission to the museums and exhibitions that are part of the circuit. More than just a simple pass, Abbonamento Musei is the symbol that unites a community, free to experience culture. Discover the more than 400 museums and cultural sites included in the Abbonamento Musei Piemonte and Abbonamento Musei Lombardia.


Thanks to the partnership between the local Cuneo Tourist Agency and the Langhe Monferrato Roero Tourist Board, the WOW portal is a point of reference for lovers of mountaineering, trekking, cycling, motorcycles, walking and much more. Inside WOW you will find sporting events suitable for everyone; from family initiatives to the Ultratrail, from e-bikes rental to long distance cycling races.


Piemontescape aims to become the reference portal for all outdoor enthusiasts who want to discover the variety of proposals in our area, immersed in very different landscapes. From this perspective, it is a project in continuous evolution that will soon be enriched with new activities and experiences of which Piedmont is full.


Three very different alpine sectors, a range of valleys that open up around Cuneo and stretch as far as the Ligurian Sea, an unlimited variety of routes for those who love walking. A reference point for mountain enthusiasts in the Cuneo Alps, Cuneotrekking offers an app for Android phones, available on Play Store.


Baby’s Hills is a project that helps families plan their trips in the territories of Cuneo and the surrounding area, Langhe-Roero, Monferrato and Novarese. Baby’s Hills aims to develop a new culture of hospitality among the operators of the entire tourism sector, capable of recognizing, comparing and satisfying the needs and expectations of children and their families.


Welcome to the Fossano area, 100% Piedmont. The site, managed by the IAT Tourist Office of Fossano, offers useful information for organising your stay in the heart of the region. Here you will find clips and video stories that describe the city’s history, events and points of interest, as well as brochures and thematic maps for downloading.


Discovering Limone means experiencing the mountains in all seasons. The site, managed by the IAT Tourist Office, offers tourist information that will help you organize your stay more effectively, an interactive map and a free smart app to stay up to date on trails, tourist spots, local activities, events and interesting facts.


A journey through time and space in the wonderful territory of Mondovì area. We cross mountains, sanctuaries, refuges and cities of art, but also Napoleonic battles, miraculous events, hot air balloon flights. Don’t miss the concept map in the shape of a subway itinerary, as if the territory were one big city to be experienced and explored.


Global Mountain is a company of alpine guides that operates as a mountaineering, ski mountaineering and climbing school, offering newbies the possibility to practice these disciplines responsibly and spreading the culture of safety in the mountains. The Global Mountain guides work in all the valleys of the Cuneo area, accompanying outdoor enthusiasts as they discover the most beautiful sports experiences in high-altitude natural environments.


CuneoAlps is a product of Conitours, the Cuneo Tourist Operators Consortium. It has a young and dynamic team, attentive to the needs of the modern traveller and always on the lookout for new ideas and proposals. The experience gained over years of activity in the online incoming sector allows us to offer new products and services, which can be purchased directly online or on request.


The website of the Valle Maira Consortium allows visitors, potential tourists, and the curious, to learn about the beauties of the area, the tourist spots and opportunities and the activities. Its contents are constantly updated, and it features an attractive design and a very intuitive browsing procedure, supported by photos and videos.


Cuneo Airport is located in a strategic geographical position: a short distance from the Alps, the Langhe and the sea, it is no coincidence that it is named the “Aeroporto Langhe e Alpi del Mare”. Located along State Road 20, in a favourable geographical area given its proximity to popular tourist spots, it can be reached from the most important cities of Cuneo and its valleys.


Chiese a porte aperte is an experimental project in which the ecclesiastical cultural heritage of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta opens its doors and can be toured autonomously by visitors with the aid of new technologies. The App manages multiple operations, from booking the visit itself to the automated opening of the door.