Parks and natural reserves in the Cuneo area are an exceptional example of biodiversity, a widespread oasis of peace where visitors can have authentic experiences in contact with nature, featuring botanical wonders and exceptional animals.

The Grotta di Bossea is one of the explorable caves you simply can’t afford to miss. It extends into the depths of Val Corsaglia, in the territory of Frabosa Soprana, and can be counted as one of the most beautiful and important caves in Italy.

To recharge your energies, the alternative is a stay at a spa, for example at the Terme Reali in Valdieri. The facility, located at an altitude of 1,370 metres above sea level, is the highest located spa in Italy.

The value of biodiversity

Spanning 28,000 hectares, the Maritime Alps Natural Park is the largest one in Piedmont, comprising the Gesso, Stura and Vermenagna valleys. Favoured by the House of Savoy as a hunting reserve, it is now a destination for nature excursions and trekking. A real park fit for kings.

The Monviso Park can be found in the extreme north-west of the Cuneo region, all around the imposing 'King of Stone'. Inside it hosts the head of the Po, Italy's longest river. On the border between Piedmont, Liguria and France lies the Marguareis Natural Park, a trekking paradise, with the Marguareis tour, which can be done over several days, or the famous Salt Road.

The Parco Fluviale Gesso e Stura embraces the capital of the Cuneo area with an extensive network of routes that weave between the two rivers, in differentiated natural and anthropic environments. Many sports and educational activities for children and schools are on offer.

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Oases immersed in nature

Natural, archaeological, botanical gardens and even caves. The Nature Reserves of the Cuneo region are still a source of wonder, both when they reveal the work of ancient Man and the magnificence of Mother Nature.

The civilisations of antiquity can be found in the Roccerè area in the Maira Valley, an ancestral sacred place, where one of the most important rock art sites in Europe has been brought back to life, and in the remains of the ancient Roman city of Augusta Bagennorum, with its scenic theatre, not far from the village of Bene Vagienna.

Some Reserves are natural treasure troves of incredible beauty, such as the curious geological formations, known as 'ciciu', that surprise visitors in the Maira Valley. Other protected areas conserve the area's endemic or rare flora, such as the Valderia Botanical Garden, the Rocca S. Giovanni - Saben Nature Reserve or the Sorgenti del Belbo Reserve, while the Crava Morozzo Reserve is a paradise for the local birds and an ideal place for birdwatching.

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Awe in the depths of the earth

Exploring underground can be a fun, exciting and educational activity. Labyrinths, tunnels made of stalactites, stalagmites and polychrome columns, which can be reached via hiking trails immersed in nature, constitute a habitat of high ecological value for the rare fauna that lives there.

There are many surprises hidden in the depths of the earth, in the many caves open to visitors in the area, such as the biodiversity of the Bandito or Rio Martino Caves, the palaeontological findings of the Bossea Caves or the traces of Neolithic Man in the Aisone Cave.

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Letting yourself be rocked by the waters

With their crystal-clear, soothing waters, spas and thermal baths are always a good idea, especially on holiday. Deep in the mountains of the Cuneo region, they have been warming and enriching themselves with healing properties for thousands of years before bubbling to the surface, warm and inviting like an enveloping embrace.

You can access specific treatments, of both the aesthetic and curative types, including mud baths, hydrotherapy and expert massages; in the spas and wellness centres you can enjoy some relaxation and rediscover your natural beauty, in harmony with a landscape that regenerates the vision and the heart.

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Adventures for the whole family

Adventure parks, water parks, bike and tubing parks, children's areas and miniature golf are the ideal choice if you are looking for a weekend away from everyday stress, to be enjoyed with the family in the open air.

From the Mondolè Park in Frabosa to the Adventure Park in Crissolo, passing through the Grandis Park in Borgo San Dalmazzo, among Tibetan bridges and zip lines, the fun knows no bounds. Ready for some thrills at top speed? The summer bobsleigh is unique, offering a breathtaking but safe descent down the slopes of Artesina; or you can put your driving skills to the test on two or four wheels at the go-kart track in Busca.

For your little ones, Giocolandia in Entracque, La Sirenetta in Savigliano, Prato Nevoso Village for the winter and Garden Sport in Roccaforte Mondovì are perfect. If you are looking for pure relaxation, perhaps sheltered from the summer heat, look no further than the Bioparco in Caraglio, and the Cupole Lido water park in Cavallermaggiore.

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