An experience consists of direct knowledge, a combination of sensations and memories that every traveller carries with him. A way to train the senses, discover new interests, take new paths that in turn lead to new destinations, new emotions and new stories to tell.

Let us take you for a stroll in the historic centres of our cities, help you follow in the footsteps of their most famous characters, look for the interpretation that most fascinates you, and choose the theme that most intrigues you from all the cultural ideas and local curiosities on offer.

From outdoor relaxation to the flavours of our valleys, from child-friendly museums to the most characteristic events in the area, the choice of what will be your next experience is yours alone.


A common thread for every traveller

You can decide to explore the cities of art, such as the capital Cuneo, and choose an e-bike tour through its streets, discovering museums and the places of the Resistance, or go as far as the River Park for an experience in contact with nature.

If you prefer the Alpine valleys , here are some suggestions for discovering dreamy landscapes and following the traces of Occitan culture. It is impossible to resist the fascination of the Kyè stories of the Corsaglia Valley, as well as the trails in the shadow of the majestic Monviso in the Po Valley.

To combine your passion with a holiday in the Cuneo region, many tours propose a specific natural or artistic theme. The routes of Faith take you to the most symbolic religious sites, while the art itineraries accompany you to see Gothic, Baroque and contemporary works of great beauty. It is up to you to find your inspiration for your holiday in the heart of the most authentic Piedmont.

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Child-friendly and more

A family-friendly holiday means combining the parents' need for relaxation with the need to entertain and intrigue their little ones. Geo-trekking to discover the history of the earth, itineraries in search of Big Benches, ghost stories in the castles of ancient dynasties or child-friendly museums: there is certainly no shortage of opportunities in the Cuneo region.

The outdoor activities on offer include discovering Vernante, an enchanted village in the Vermenagna Valley dedicated to the figure of Pinocchio, or the mysterious Sarvanot trail in the Varaita Valley, or the Ciciu of Villar San Costanzo.

And then how can one resist the charms of the Sound Factory in Venasca or the Railway Museum in Savigliano? On the agenda, in addition to the historic Mondovì carnival, there is the Museum of Chivalry Civilisation in Saluzzo, where you can dream of times gone by, battles and princesses.

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There is much more to discover

Did you know that the highest waterfall in Italy is in the Maira Valley? And that Napoleon Bonaparte called Mondovì 'the most beautiful place in the world'? The Cuneo region holds unimaginable stories and curiosities that multiply its charm and value. It is up to you to experience them fully, by paying attention and exercising your curiosity.

Let yourself be inspired by the focus on specific places, such as the Sanctuary of Vicoforte or the Milanollo Theatre in Savigliano, or by themed ideas for places to visit and major events that take place during the year, such as the Cuneo Chestnut Fair or the Palio of Fossano.

Not forgetting the unmissable tips for the local food, with a description of the typical specialities of each territory, from the different Alpine valleys to the plains. From the crusets of the Stura Valley to the famous Cervere leek, every table is a triumph of goodness and quality raw materials.

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Tailor-made holiday packages

Thematic guided tours, relaxation and recreation in small Alpine villages, sports activities suitable for everyone, tours designed to satisfy the most demanding bikers or unique experiences in the name of good food. All this and more is on offer from the area's tour operators, 'Made in Cuneo' holiday packages to be tailor-made for you.

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